The master gland helps us lose weight

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The Smart Diet System helps optimize the hypothalamus and as a result the body
is able to lose significant weight in a very short time. The hypothalamus is actually working at less capacity when people are fat


It has a very important function in keeping the body metabolism firing….. Smart Drops in the Smart Diet System help restore the metabolism


• the hypothalamus controls hunger;


• the hypothalamus controls thirst;


• levels of satiety (feeling of fullness) are also controlled by the hypothalamus


• the hypothalamus in involved in salt cravings (when sodium levels are too high within the body, the hypothalamus sends a signal to drink fluids);


• fluid & electrolyte balance are control by the hypothalamus;


• body weight is controlled by the hypothalamus.


Factors That Impact the Hypothalamus


• stress


• light, including length of day


• steroids, including corticosteroids


• blood-borne stimuli such as insulin


• olfactory stimuli


• invading microorganisms such as occur during illness


• Toxins and chemicals

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