Sixty percent of Australian’s are overweight !

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When it comes to health Australians are fat, unhappy and leading the world in self-deception.

The latest global survey has found that half the Australians who are overweight don’t realise it, and it’s more likely to be men who are in denial.

The findings are part of an international study taking in 13,000 people from 12 countries, as Bronwyn Herbert reports.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Statistics often deliver the same story of Australia as an overweight nation.

But a new survey comparing results from 12 countries finds that on average Australians won’t admit to being fat.

Dr Bert Boffa is a practising GP in Melbourne’s St Kilda and heads BUPA’s medical services.

BERT BOFFA: Sixty per cent of Australians are overweight or obese but only about 30 per cent realise they are, so half of the Australians who are overweight don’t realise they are.

This is a shocking report …….more so because it says we are in such denial

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