The Mind Gym

The Smart Mind Gym

The Smart Mind Gym  is part of a unique concept of personal development and goal setting systems used with all the SMART WOMAN courses. Our focus on development of the whole woman as a holistic being, consisting of mind, body and spirit has led us to create some wonderful teaching and educational systems that develop the whole woman.

While on the Smart Diet we are going to address all the reasons you might be carrying weight and therefore part of that training will be the personal development of the whole woman.

By addressing the holistic concept of healing, health,  life design balance ,spirituality , and relationships we are able to get women living the life they want to live and addressing any barriers and challenges that are holding them back from achieving extraordinary results.

We offer education on creating vision setting goals and achieving results. SMART WOMAN are encouraged to look for the opportunity develop the courage to tackle goals never thought possible and to arrive at destinations only dreamed of. Our classes are focused on developing your faith to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve .

We use differnt modalaties of teaching styles for different courses: