Why Smart Coach


For those that need a little extra help

Smart coach is a personalized coaching system where you get one on one mentoring from a weight loss coach who will help inspire and move you to the next level of achievement. Much of the weight loss failure you have experienced in the past has been due to challenges you have in your thinking and past failures you can’t rise above.

When this happens you simply need the assistance and support of somebody who understands your needs and has been through the same challenges as you are experiencing.

Smart Coach is a coaching system created by Susie Pitt who has been through your struggle and understands the mental roadblocks you experience while trying to lose weight set goals and change your life.

Susie has developed personal success systems for over a decade and approaches self-development from a holistic level, understanding we are a mind body and spirit being and if we are out of balance this has an effect that becomes a challenge. If you are unable to succeed there could be underlying circumstances that are sabotaging your progress and goals.

Smart Coaching is a simplistic highly effective system to help you move through the challenges that are causing you to fail. It is a practical step-by-step system and each client is assessed according to need and the outcomes they want to achieve.

There are different levels of commitment to the coaching from a 20 minute session to our Inner Circle monthly program.


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