Coaching what to expect

It is important  to benefit greatly from the time you spend together on your coaching call. This brief exploratory template is used to maximize our mutual understanding of where you are and where you want to go, and to help you to know what to expect from Coaching.

Rewarding Action #1 – Make a List of What You Value, what You Love, and what You Really Want in Life

Coaching works best when you have clear goals that are in alignment with your needs and values. If you’re unclear about any of these, we can discuss them during our call.

Rewarding Action #2 – Get to Know Your Self in New Ways

Working with a Coach is a healthy way to grow. Most Clients hire a Coach to accomplish several specific goals. Coaching is all about being, and expressing, your genuine best self. Don’t be surprised if you discover new parts of your self, or if you find your goals adjusting themselves, to who you really are, and who you want to be. This discovery process is natural, so you needn’t rush it, just realize it will likely happen. Accelerated personal and professional growth is the hallmark of being coached.

Rewarding Action #3 – Your Coach Is Here to Fully Participate In Our Partnership

It is Your Coach’s job to:


for many things, such as your assumptions and conclusions, what you’re saying in your self talk; evidence of emotional pain that blocks action; what motivates you and excites you; self doubt, growth you may not be giving your self credit for, resources you already have available but may not as yet recognize, and much more.


What are your goals; what do you love; what may be frightening you that limits you from taking action; are you being present time oriented; are you willing to trust your self, have courage, and take action; how do you see yourself moving forward in this goal; what inner work must you do to dare to be your real self consistently in your life, how can your coach best support you now, and in the future


Your Coach assists you in defining your personal and professional goals in alignment with your needs, values and your genuine self; assists you in creating strategies, discovering resources, and taking action confidently.

Forwarding Action:

A Coach is an equal not an expert or an authority. A Coach does not give counseling or therapy, instead a Coach makes requests, offers suggestions, advice and opinions, and shares intuitive hunches, that may be helpful in facilitating your ongoing forward momentum. Your Coach is an equal partner in designing your weight loss plan. When your Coach makes a recommendation for action, you always have the power to stop and renegotiate your action strategy.

Strenghtening and Heartening:

It is your Coach’s job to cheer you on; to see your strengths and to tell you about them; to help you to overcome self doubt, and accept your self as the person of strength and competence that you really are; to be the emotional bridge who holds the space for you to dare to risk and change.

Dream Stretcher:

It is your Coach’s job to help you stretch yourself toward your dreams, to think bigger, to go farther, to be committed, to grow and achieve more than you’ve dared to imagine.

Staying in Present Time:

Your Coach will help you remember that our power is always in the present moment. In order to be in the present moment, it is necessary to have a certain detachment from outcomes. Rather than attach fixedly to a specific outcome we desire it is more effective to remain flexible and open while we are making progress. In present time we always have the power of choice.

Telling The Truth:

It is your Coach’s job to tell the truth 100% of the time, from a viewpoint of compassion and an intention of your well being. Occasionally this may take the form of confronting you with a truth that you may prefer to avoid or deny. Your Coach offers you a mirror that has no judgments attached.

Developing Self Trust:

It is your Coach’s job to assist you in seeing your self as a resource you can trust and depend on. Knowing that you can trust your self, and reach out to others in collaboration is strength. Becoming dependent on your Coach is not what Coaching is about.

Rewarding Action #4 It Is Your Job To Participate Fully In Our Partnership

Make A Commitment

Fully invest your self in this opportunity for accelerated growth and accomplishment. Show up for your coaching call on time and fully here, ready to problem solve, reflect, strategize, and celebrate.

Prep Form

Give your self enough time to fill out the Prep Form so you have time for thought and reflection. The Prep Form is an important tool that assists us in staying focused on Your Agenda during our Coaching session. The Prep Form facilitates our ability to quickly move forward to the tasks at hand. Always be sure to send the Prep Form at the agreed upon date and time so that your Coach has some time to reflect as well.

Self Nurture

We all are more energetic, able to cope, and are inspired when our own needs are being met. Make a commitment to nurturing your self and your well being beginning with your first Coaching session and on out into your future. If you want to work on expanding your ideas of self-nurture and getting your needs met, let’s discuss it.

Reduce Clutter

Be willing to reduce the clutter in your environment and in your life that stands in the way of your progress toward your life and your self as you’d like them to be. Though change can sometimes feel challenging, your Coach is here to help you smooth the way.

Be Honest

Be Honest with Your Self and your Coach 100% of the time. We want to hear everything you wish to express. Compliments and referrals are happily received, and please, if you ever feel any dissatisfaction in your coaching, speak up. This will keep our partnership strong. Partners communicate with respect as equals, and trust each other’s intention of well being toward one another. We welcome all of your input.

Take Action

When you agree to take action, do your very best to complete it. If you are having problems that are holding you back, feel free to email  and  discuss it via email or on a brief coaching call during the week.