FaceBook Forum



Our forum is conducted in a FaceBook Group so you are able to access it easily on your phone computer or iPad.
This is an active group of people losing weight with you and a place to come to report your weight loss and your updated photos. It is a private group and is invitation only for those that are on the Smart Diet.

It is really important you visit this group each day to find out what is going on in the community .It will also encourage you when the going gets a little hectic .

Follow the instructions below to join the group.

How to Join The Group

# Sign into Facebook. Go onto the Facebook home page and sign in using your email address and password.

# Click on this link. SMART DIET CLUB FORUM

# Click on the Join or the Like button up the top of the page by the Groups/Pages name.

# You will only be joined to the group when the administrator accepts yoy into the group. This could take a day or so…

# Go to your facebook profile/page/wall Go onto your facebook profile/page/wall and you will see it will say: Smart Diet Fast Weight Loss Group

# Post to the group. You can then post things onto the group/page wall! By clicking on the bar on the Group/Page wall that says in grey: Got something to Share? Introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself .

#This is where we record your photos weigh loss recipes tips tricks and you get your questions answered .